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Start dato: 12.06.2017
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Sted: Colombia

BUSINESS DELEGATION: Colombia is calling! Sustainable energy, environmental and infrastructure solutions are needed now. Join this four-day visit and meet the decision-makers in both the public and private sector in three major Colombian cities.

BUSINESS DELEGATION: Colombia is a market with 47 million inhabitants, and is the third largest market in Latin America. Trade opportunities are booming, and Colombia has over the past ten years experienced strong growth rates and rising GDP per capita. The development has lifted Colombia out of poverty and into a lower-middle income country. The newly signed peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government furthermore supports this development.

Colombia is indisputably a market to keep an eye out for Danish businesses. When it comes to solutions within clean energy, environment and infrastructure now is the time.

Participants will be introduced to key players from the three sectors, and will gain a unique insight into the market opportunities, the players and regulation. You will be able to:

  • Present your solutions to top level management from both public and private entities
  • Gain insight into procurement processes
  • Meet sector and market specialists and find new business opportunities
  • Networking opportunity both with relevant local stakeholders, but also with your sector colleagues

The business delegation to Colombia is relevant for companies working within all areas of energy, environment and infrastructure. To name some, it is relevant for suppliers of solutions for:

  • Sustainable energy (wind, solar, biomass and grid solutions)
  • Wastewater treatment, water efficiency and management
  • Waste management
  • Infrastructure solutions (harbors, airports, roads, bridges and tunnels, river navigation, etc.)


Market information

Colombia is rich on natural energy sources, and the country is heavily reliant on installed hydropower (65 pct. of annual consumption), which provides cost effective electricity. Due to weather phenomena such as El Nino (heavy rainfalls) y la Nina (draught), which have seriously interfered with the country’s hydropower production, the country is in urgent need to diversify their energy supply.  Colombia has a strong potential for non-conventional sources of energy generation, especially solar, wind and biomass.

Colombia is in urgent need of solutions especially within water and waste management. The country is facing huge challenges in relation to managing its water resources, including reducing the discharges into the country’s already much polluted rivers. Concerning sustainable waste management, Colombia produces approximately 32,000 tons of solid waste per day. To professionalize its solid waste management Colombia faces challenges such as improving landfilling technologies, improving separation and recycling technologies, and introducing waste to energy technology.

Colombia’s government is focusing on improving the country’s infrastructure, and is currently investing in the 4th Generation (4G) road concession network, new airports and harbors, river navigability, etc. The new focus is to improve competitiveness and modernize the infrastructure in Colombia. According to the national development plan, the government will invest USD 17 billion into infrastructure, especially focusing on the construction of new road concessions. This is one of the most ambitious infrastructure plans in the world.


Practical Information

12-16 June

DKK 14,000 excl. VAT per participating company (2 participants per company)

The price is calculated on a basis of 12 participating companies and approved 50 percent subsidy by The Danish Trade Council. Meals mentioned in the tentative program are included in the price.

Flights and hotels are not included in the price.

Expenses not mentioned in the tentative program are not included in the price.

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