Colombia's Environment is Challenging Danish companies

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Type: Seminar
Start dato: 23.05.2017
Start tidspunkt: 13:00
Sted: Confederation of Danish Industry, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1787 Copenhagen V.

SEMINAR: Get insight about the Colombian market and its business opportunities by meeting four environmental mayors from Colombia - all eager to meet Danish companies with solutions to Colombia's environmental challenges.

Latin America Business Forum is pleased to invite you to meet four Colombian City Mayors for the Environment of the cities of Bogota, Medellín, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla. As a part of a three-day visit to Denmark, the Colombian Mayors aim at meeting Danish companies to learn more about the Danish solutions to global environmental challenges. You will have an excellent opportunity to meet all four mayors in a dialogue about environmental challenges, to share your experiences and solutions, and to network.

Colombia needs Danish Solutions

With a market of 47.7 million people, a GDP at 6100 USD per capita, an abundance of natural resources and an educated and growing middle-class, Colombia is an increasingly interesting destination for foreign investment. In the last 10 years, the Colombian government has implemented concrete changes, which resulted in significant steps towards opening the country to global trade, for example, the European Union and Colombia Trade Agreement entered into force in 2013. The World Bank’s 2017 Ease of Doing Business Report ranks Colombia 53 out of 189 and in second place within Latin America after Mexico.

The Colombian government has initiated several programs to protect the environment. The latest is a new environmental plan that is expected to be approved this year. Current environmental issues include soil and water quality damage from contaminations by the use of chemicals, spillage of crude oil into local rivers, and overuse of pesticides and air pollution. It is Colombia's emerging role as a vibrant and growing player, which makes it so attractive to new foreign businesses.

Within the water sector, the Colombian government is redeveloping its water sector both on a technical and a structural institutional level. The challenges faced can be divided into several different areas, including river basin management, flood risk management and early warning, navigation and ports, drinking water and sanitation, irrigation and drainage and institutional development. In short, Colombia needs to build models for large-scale water supply and waste water management. In many ways, Colombia should therefore be a country of interest for Danish companies, not least because Colombian authorities have asked for Danish solutions.

Air pollution from especially vehicle emissions is also a problem, especially in the larger cities. This year, there has been four alerts in Medellín for air contamination. The situation is not new, but it is aggravated by the excessive growth of the industry and population growth. Colombia is relatively inexperienced when it comes to solutions, and is looking to both learn about and use Danish solutions.

Waste management is another area that seeks Danish expertise, and the problems are fueled by rising urbanization and purchasing power, especially in larger cities. Colombians lack efficient solutions that prevent waste from ending up in the streets and water systems. Waste sorting presents large opportunities for Danish businesses, as Denmark has initiated multiple environmentally friendly initiatives that ensure waste handling in the most feasible way.

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