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Water Air Food Awards

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Stilling: Endorsement Coordinator
Ansættelses­forhold: Volunteer
Ansøgnings­frist: Snarest muligt
Tiltrædelses­dato: Snarest muligt
Geografi: Københavnsområdet
Oprettelses­dato: 13.03.2018
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Endorsement Coordinator for WAFA Global Organization- Volunteer Position

At Water Air Food Awards, we believe that addressing the world's most acute problems - Water, air and food security - starts with identifying exceptional pioneers in sustainable initiatives, that are innovative and proven to work. We share their stories across multiple platforms, aiming for global reach. We give them the visibility they deserve to inspire change and gather support to scale and replicate their solutions.

WAFA's goal is to become a mainstream platform that mobilizes the global public. Together, we bring to light the good deeds in the world and spread a genuine message of hope.

We count on our volunteers to make that happen.

We are looking for an experienced Endorsement Coordinator to support WAFAs ambitions of becoming an internationally recognized award, by allowing WAFA to increase its reach, with new tools and further improved impact.

Our number one requirement is for you to be highly energetic, active and always on the move and available to volunteer 3-4 hours a week. We know that virtually every job description out there requires people to be passionate about what they do, but it is our experience that you cannot do a good volunteering job, unless you have the passion for it.  And you are a proactive, detail oriented, self-starter, ensuring that WAFA reaches out to the right potential sponsors who share the WAFA principles and goals.

Your Tasks and Main Responsibilities:

  • Manage certification and endorsement of WAFA with international bodies, including their renewals.

  • Identifying relevant institutions, including but not limited UN Global Compact, ISOBRO, Pledge to Peace etc.

  • Assess their relevance to WAFA and our ability to comply with the requirements;

  • Make a check list, listing the requirements, for each agency;

  • Collect the necessary information internally in WAFA, compile submissions and manage all communications related to submission and obtaining endorsements, responding to requests for clarifications, further information and documentation.

  • Your Experience and Skills (preferred background in terms of education, experience and skills)

    • Education background: recently completed/on-going Master Degree in social or development studies, with interest in international cooperation and development work

    • Experience: no prior experience is required for this position, but a proven eye for detail and the ability to read and interpret requirements correctly. Candidates with experience in managing compliance processes within organisations are highly encouraged to apply

    • Skills (this is aligned with specific and/or technical skills required while performing this type of job): ability to review, analyse, structure complex submissions, with the ability to communicate with endorsing agency on a professional level

    • Managerial experience _NA_ or Leadership skills only _NA__ (please put a tick at the appropriate field)

    • Computer knowledge (including that of specific programs; to mention if there are any specifics technologies, programs, platforms and/or software/hardware this person should know about): full proficiency in the MS Office Suite

    • Languages proficiency (to mentioned if besides English there is the need for this person to have any other language proficiency in order to do the job required): fluency in English is a must, since the intern is expected to communicate with international agencies. Proficiency in other languages such as French is desirable

    • You will be working remotely and require access to a computer with fast internet connection. Regular Skype meetings with the WAFA area managers are required.

  • There is no travelling included in this role.

    It goes without saying that you enjoy working with people and are a team player, and that you are self-driven and well-organized.

    What we offer?

    At WAF Awards, we believe that addressing the world’s most acute problems, like ending hunger, preserving clean air and bringing water to every human being, starts with acknowledging people, who develop solutions that are proven to work. We strive to identify exceptional pioneers in sustainability initiatives and share their stories across multiple platforms, aiming for global reach.

    You will work in an international team of enthusiasts from all backgrounds. You will have a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home on something you enjoy.

How to apply?

You can apply with your CV and a short letter of motivation telling us why you want to join WAFA by email to   

We would like our new Endorsement Coordinator to start as soon as possible, therefore we are recruiting on an ongoing basis and have no deadline for applications. You can expect a response from our HR, Pooja Patnaik

If you would like to know more about WAFA or have further questions, visit our website and get in touch We look forward to welcoming you on board! anvender cookies, som vi bruger til at huske dine indstillinger og statistik m.m. Når du fortsætter med at bruge websitet accepterer du samtidig brugen af cookies. Læs mere