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thinkstep at the Responsible Business Summit

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Jan Poulsen, CEO at thinkstep AG joined an inspiring panel discussion at the Responsible Business Summit in London, UK.

Jan Poulsen, CEO thinkstep AG took part in the panel discussion about "Sourcing the data and analytics that will drive business change" at the Responsible Business Summit in London.

During the panel discussion, the speakers discussed the unexpected implications of digitalization, the challenges of extracting value from big data and the benefits of long-term investment:

In a way, we are already moving beyond the age of big data, said Thinkstep CEO Jan Poulsen. “We generate so much data that we can’t keep up with it, we can’t process it and we can’t store it," he pointed out. “But it’s not about having all the data, it’s about the value you can generate from very specific data. You need to know what data is really critical to allow you to reach your goals.” It is also important to remember why people want the data, he added. “We’re interested in the data because we want to foster positive change. If you don’t have the right information, you can’t consider sustainability issues.”

>> Click here to read about the nine takeaways in the full article from day two of the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018.

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