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“Stories of Change” on gender-based violence, living wage and social dialogue in the garment industry

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Enact is writing “Stories of Change” regarding progress in the garment industry

Enact is working for the Strategic Partnership for Supply Chain Transformation (a partnership between the Fair Wear Foundation and the Dutch trade union federations Mondiaal FNV and CNV Internationaal). Combining the expertise of trade unions, NGOs, and progressive brands and factories, the partnership aims to demonstrate how progress towards living wages, gender equality, and healthy labour relations and social dialogue is possible. With a focus on practical innovations in real supply chains, the partnership will provide models to brands, factories, governments and the labour movement of how a more equitable apparel industry could work -- and could benefit all parties.

In 2018, Enact conducted a mid-term evaluation assignment regarding the programmes carried out in three countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam). Currently, we are developing so-called “Stories of Change” in four other countries Partnership is active in – Ethiopia, Cambodia, India and Myanmar. This done as a follow-up of the evaluation assignment.  

Enact team members visited textile factories and spoke to stakeholders in these countries to gather information on the programmes and activities carried out. With this information, we are writing the “Stories of Change” to show how the programmes are creating change for the workers in the garment industry and to illustrate the progress made in these countries.  

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