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Type: Seminar
Start dato: 16.10.2019
Start tidspunkt: 09:00
Sted: CSE, Porcelænshaven 26, 1 sal. 2000, Frederiksberg

78% believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money, they expect companies to positively impact society as well.


  • How can SGDs improve your company’s branding, internally and externally?

  • Why should your brand care?

  • What makes citizens care about your caring brand?

Tackling how to incorporate sustainability in your brand and how to introduce it in your internal and external communication.

66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods but how can you use sustainability to strengthen your brand and ROI? 

If you believe that companies need a clearer business case and instruction book for integrating sustainability and the SDGs into their everyday practice and corporate reporting, then Branding like you care is the right place to be on 16th of October. 

Moreover, you will have the chance to find out some tips on how can you avoid being associated with greenwashing.

Find your angle and discover both innovation & branding tools that can help you include and communicate the SDGs in your sustainability strategy.


09:00 Welcome 

09:10  How to build a brand that cares by:

  • Frederik Rubens Mortensen 

CEO & Co-founder, ‘hoodHeroes

  •  Jonas Bruun Jacobsen

CTO & Co-founder, ‘hoodHeroes

‘hoodHeroes is a community platform that promotes & rates brand sustainability.
  By bringing citizens & companies together around shared causes - conveniently, believably &  rewardingly - empowers everybody to become everyday heroes of their ‘hood.

“Every time you spend money today, you cast a vote for the world of tomorrow”

9:30   Coffee Break

9:40  The branding value of SDGs vs greenwashing traps by:

  • Mia Negru

Co-founder, 2030 Builders

2030 Builders is providing a tool that helps companies create a ready to implement impact plan of their sustainability strategy. With the help of gamification, 2030 Builders deliver interactive learning, co-creation and 

10:20 Q&A

10.30 Summing up

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