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Type: Webinar
Start dato: 20.06.2019
Start tidspunkt: 17.00
Sted: Webinar

Retail is changing in complex ways, with disruption, AI and automation already altering the landscape. Join BSR for a webinar on the future of retail and how companies can prepare and adapt their business models in a future-resilient way.

Retail is changing in complex ways, and the future will look very different from today.

Chinese online retailer JD.com recently launched the first fully automated warehouse, where only four employees are needed to do work that previously required 400. Forty German supermarkets tested using facial recognition technology to serve personalized advertisements to customers waiting in checkout lines. Two hundred ninety companies have committed to ensure that 100 percent of their plastic packaging can be reused, recycled, or composted by 2025.

Now is the time to prepare for new challenges, such as job loss due to automation and ethical concerns related to artificial intelligence (AI), but also for new opportunities to drive more sustainable consumption patterns, promote diversity and inclusion, and meet evolving consumer needs. Successful business, and the well-being of people and the planet, will rely on creating new strategies for the future that not only account for the fundamental changes underway, but can also imagine transformative new opportunities to create a more just and sustainable world.

The future is not pre-determined. As we seek to shape a better future, we need to understand current trends and be attuned to signals of change that suggest new and emerging possibilities.

Join BSR for this webinar on the future of retail and how companies can prepare.


  • Elisa Niemtzow, Managing Director, BSR
  • Tara Norton, Managing Director, BSR
  • Hannah Darnton, Manager, BSR

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