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Hello from the New Kid on the Blog!

What I’ve learned in the short time I have been associated with the people here at WAFA is that they have a clear vision for a bright future.  They bring with them care, compassion, altruism, and heart.  Everyone here has a big, big heart. They share a need to see change in the world, to learn about people who can make that change, and to celebrate them.

Everyone involved in WAFA is a volunteer—there are no paid positions.  It’s a small international group of people brought together by a common ideal. An enormous amount of time and effort and money has been spent by all in brainstorming, organizing, building a stunning Web site, collaborating with many people from around the world to set up the awards show, the entertainment, the presentations, all for the cause of the common good, and to make better lives for those people who are struggling day-to-day for the simple things in life that we take for granted: healthy food, breathable air, and clean water.

As a writer at WAFA, I hope to bring to you the exciting news for the 2016 awards show; information about past winners in continued celebration of their insight, effort, and ability to color outside the lines of convention in solving big problems with few available resources; news of progress in water, air, and food concerns; the hopes and dreams of the WAFA team, and the issues they care about: why this mission is so important to them. With any luck you will catch our enthusiasm and joy, see the positive changes happening, and you’ll want to run with us to make it happen, and celebrate those good people trying to make this a better world.

All I can say is that I am humbled and so very honored that I was accepted to be a part of this wonderful organization. I hope as a writer that I can offer enough variety, exciting news, deep insight, and thought-provoking material to keep everyone interested.  I hope to rise to the heights of the good intentions of the WAFA team and to yours as well.

Till next time,

Diane Walters

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