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Type: Workshop
Start dato: 17.10.2019
Start tidspunkt: 16:00
Sted: CSE, Porcelænshaven 26, 1 sal. 2000, Frederiksberg

2030 Builders Scenario Simulation offers you the chance to try for FREE our digital innovation tool for a sustainable strategy.

 A fun and engaging simulation where you will be given a different scenario that you have to experience through the SDGs perspective. You will gain valuable insights on how to include the SDGs in your strategy and how your company can use the SDG Impact Play.

What is SDG Impact Play?

SDG Impact Play is a tool that offers the possibility to enhance your current potential and foster new business opportunities within your company.

With the help of gamification, we deliver interactive learning, co-creation and customised ready-to-implement solutions.

See here how SDG Impact Plan works: https://2030.builders/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2030-Builders-Innovation-Tool-for-Sustainable-Strategy.mp4 

Register to the Scenario Simulation NOW! There are limited seats. 

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