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thinkstep releases new version of SoFi - version 6.13

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We are proud to announce that, as of October 25, 2018, thinkstep is releasing a new version of our SoFi software with improved dashboard appearance and user session management.

Dashboard appearance
We have put some efforts into improving the appearance of Dashboards. Instead of displaying a white portlet with a spinner if reports need to be recalculated, existing results will be displayed until recalculation is finished.
The user will be informed about an ongoing recalculation by an adjusted header message per portlet. In case there is no existing result that can be displayed, a white portlet will be displayed.

Scheduled cache rebuilds
In order to avoid conflicts between data collection or data import processes with required unit factor cache rebuilds, the automatic unit factor cache rebuild can now be scheduled more granular. The frequency can be reduced so rebuilds are only scheduled during night times or less busy days during the week. If you experienced these kind of conflicts in the past, please get in touch with our support team.

User session management
With the SoFi 6.13 release we have applied some changes to user session management, in order to further increase the security levels of SoFi. As a consequence, parallel logins with the same account are not allowed anymore. When trying to run a parallel session it will result in an automatic logout of the first logged in user. Additionally, sessions will be automatically terminated after 60 minutes of inactivity. This will also lead to an automatic logout of the user. The maximum allowed time of inactivity can be adjusted. Please get in touch with our support team in case you need any adjustments. 

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