Vulnerable workers in global supply chains

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Type: Seminar
Start dato: 12.11.2019
Start tidspunkt: 13.00
Sted: Copenhagen

How do we adress discrimination and injustice against the most vulnerable workers in supply chains? At this seminar we will look at who these workers are, risks and solutions from the perspectives of NGOs, businesses and labour unions.

Please join us at this international meeting on the challenges faced by marginalised groups, working under some of the most difficult conditions in global supply chains.

Among others we will look at how addressing discrimination and injustice directly with suppliers can mitigate the risks of slavery and child labour in supply chains and ensure inclusive workplaces.

Speakers at the event include Peter McAllister, Director of the Ethical Trading Initiative (UK), presenting ETI’s newly released base code guidance on “Caste in Global Supply Chains” and Peter Lund-Thomsen, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, who will speak about vulnerable workers in the informal sector in leather and cotton production.

Other speakers will include representatives from NGOs such as the International Dalit Solidarity Network and DanChurch Aid, trade union specialists and corporate sector actors.

The meeting is organised by DIEH together with the International Dalit Solidarity Network and Ethical Trading Initiative UK.

 A full program will be available shortly.

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