What you need to know about the EU Taxonomy

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Type: Webinar
Start dato: 24.03.2021
Start tidspunkt: 10:00
Sted: Hannemanns Alle 53, 2300 København S

Join this webinar on March 24 to learn why the EU taxonomy regulation is important to business and how it could prove to be a window of opportunity.

Webinar hos Rambøll om EU Taxonomy

(Dette webinar afholdes på engelsk)

Why the EU Taxonomy is so important

A climate-neutral Europe by 2050. With the EU pushing hard on its green ambitions, the new EU Taxonomy is a regulatory framework that will significantly help unfold the EU’s Green Deal. This is done by enforcing disclosure on how companies’ economic activities impact the environment. For companies, it will bring more transparency and access to new capital.

If you want to get an effective, digestible go-through, why not hear it from the consultancy that was engaged by the EU Commission to work on the Taxonomy?

At this webinar you will learn:

• What the EU Sustainable Finance package contains and how it relates to the EU Green Deal

• Why the EU Taxonomy Regulation is so important, what it is, who it affects and when

• What the six main environmental objectives are and how they relate to companies

• More about the obligations for 2021 and associated technical screening

• What 2022 holds in terms of the Taxonomy and further obligations for companies


When: Wednesday 24 March, from 10.00 am to 10.50 am.

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