Workshop: Cradle2Cradle goes hand in hand with Life Cycle Assessment



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Type: Workshop
Start dato: 19.06.2018
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Sted: Berlin

Workshop to learn about how to improve products with Circular Product Innovation. Identify and describe opportunities and synergies for integrating Cradle-to-Cradle and LCA approaches at company level.

thinkstep and EPEA join forces to enable Cradle to Cradle® innovation

The footprint mankind has on our planet is simply not sustainable. We are using too many of the limited natural resources and often not in an intelligent way. As the Ellen MacArthur Foundation says, we need to go “beyond the current take-make-dispose industrial extraction model” and design a circular economy that aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits.

A true circular economy will lead to new business models and companies taking responsibility – from the very beginning of product design throughout their lifespan including end-of-use and recycling.

With its solutions for material compliance management and lifecycle assessment (LCA), thinkstep supports organisations towards better product design for more resource efficiency. EPEA is the cradle of Cradle to Cradle®, a design and innovation concept based on the safe and potentially infinite use of materials in nutrient cycles.

In joining forces, EPEA and thinkstep will scale the Cradle to Cradle design concept using software solutions and combine it with quantitative assessments to maximize product and service innovation, incorporating circularity, resource efficiency as well as resource effectivity and future-proof material compliance.

About the Workshop

We are offering webinars and regional workshops to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about our joint forces and offerings.


  • familiarize with both C2C and LCA
  • identify and describe opportunities and synergies for integrating Cradle to Cradle and LCA approaches at company and/or product level.
  • identify new roads for product innovation


  • 1 EPEA & 1 thinkstep consultant
  • € 750,- / participant

For more information and to register to the workshops, please click here.

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