Climate change

Klima, miljø og energi

The 2 SDGs Everyone Needs To Prioritise

The SDGs are spreading; and this is a good thing. However, it is becoming increasingly important to measure our performance and perception to also understand the gaps between how we think things are and the reality.

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Klima, miljø og energi

It's A Climate Issue

Climate is widely debated on all levels of society today. Now that the summer of 2018 is shaping up to be one for the record books, climate change is growing into a more tangible issue for everyone. The question that arises is how the average citizen and

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Supply chain

Case: The Coca-Cola Company: Building a Climate-Resilient Value Chain

The Coca-Cola Company has been working to reduce emissions in its supply chain for years—including not only those associated with bottling, but also those associated with growing ingredients, producing packaging, and distributing and refrigerating products. As climate change impacts have begun to manifest around the globe, the 132-year-old company partnered with BSR to take this work a step further to examine what climate risk and resilience might mean for The Coca-Cola Company value chain.

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Strategi & ledelse

Climate risk reporting: bridging the compliance gap

As demands grow for companies to incorporate environmental risk into their strategy, delegates at a recent conference heard that non-compliance is drawing unwelcome attention from regulators.

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