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The New Nordics: Sustainability in Estonia

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The seminar topic of Nordic business culture and sustainability trends drew a good crowd in Tallinn on March 4, organised by our partner Sustinere.

For the Estonian economy, the Nordic region is key; 44% of exports go to Nordic countries and many key industries and companies in Estonia have Nordic owners and parent companies. In other words, understanding the Nordic way of doing business simply makes business sense in Estonia. 

With this in mind, it was hardly surprising that the topic of Nordic business culture and sustainability trends drew a good crowd of business people to our seminar in Tallinn on March 4, organised by our partner Sustinere. Participants got a chance to discuss the role of strong stakeholder relationships and dialogue, key drivers for responsible business and sustainability trends, with a focus on the differences and similarities between the Nordic countries and the Estonian market. A key topic of discussion was how the recent Estonian election results could impact companies and their sustainability work. Like many of the Nordic countries, Estonia has seen a rise of the political right-wing, raising important questions regarding discrimination and equality among companies. 

The seminar also marked the launch of our new Baltic partnership with leading consultancy Sustinere, led by Maris Ojamuru and Marko Siller. For Enact, Estonia and the Baltic region offer a logical expansion of our business area serving the global market from our Nordic base. Our office in Helsinki is just two hours away, and with a strong local partner in place, we are looking forward to serving new local clients, as well as Nordic companies in the region. 

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