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New white paper: Innovative technology steers the green agenda in farming and food

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Today, a new white paper from Food Nation is launched on innovative technology. It shows how Danish technology contribute positively to the green transition, both national and internationally.

There is an accelerating need for innovative technology, which can increase food production and enable more sustainable practices.

Denmark has a long history of developing new tools and techniques to overcome both national and international challenges in the food and agricultural production.

The tradition for innovation is rooted in the Danish collaborative culture, and by working together and thinking ahead. The goal is to speed up the progress and bring new technologies faster to the market. Hence, innovative technology plays a central role in many of the solutions to global challenges.

“We find ourselves in a time where the global food supply is at a turning point. We need to produce more with less and Denmark’s food and agriculture sector plays a vital role in this transition. We have a long track record as world leaders in innovative solutions and we have high ambitions for green transition. Today’s launch of the white paper is a great/perfect opportunity to show the world how Danish knowledge and solutions contribute to the food systems of tomorrow," says Rasmus Prehn, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Reducing emissions

The Danish government has set an ambitious climate goal: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% in 2030, based on the 1990 levels. Denmark's food and agriculture sector plays a vital role in reaching this goal together with the development of innovative technology.

The white paper shares insights into the innovative technology, which already makes the Danish food cluster a global front-runner and the visionary thinking that will become the next innovation.

A long track record for innovative and sustainable solutions

Denmark has a long history of developing new tools and techniques for overcoming challenges in the food and agricultural production. Today, Denmark is a role model for high production yields and resource efficiency and, as such, a major exporter of technology that supports the green transition of the global food value chain.

As a business partner with the Danish technology industry, you will be part of our continuous work to find better solutions, and thereby contribute to achieve our shared sustainability goals.


About white papers

Food Nation’s white papers is a series of magazines, national events, virtual reality videos and podcasts that make the Danish food cluster and its strongholds visible. In addition, white papers must inspire to innovation, new initiatives and visions for the future as well as relate to how the Danish food cluster contributes to the world's challenges and needs - including the UN's 17 sustainability goals.

Download our white paper here for free [Available in the toolbox from 26 February 2021]

About Food Nation

Food Nation is a public-private partnership established by the Danish Government, leading private organisations and companies. Food Nation creates awareness of Denmark as a frontrunner within innovative, sustainable and effective food production. We work as a gateway for international stakeholders seeking information about Danish food solutions.

Read more at www.foodnationdenmark.com

For more information

White paper: Innovative Technology: Please contact Project Manager Kristin Holme on telephone +45 61276372 or mail krho@foodnationdenmark.dk

Communication, photos mm.: Please contact Project Manager Maria Dyrby Nielsen on telephone 23998029 or mail mdyn@foodnationdenmark.dk

Use photos from Food Nations photo database (remember to credit Food Nation at use) 

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