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A roadmap to sustainable business meetings

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Whether small or large organisation – meetings, conferences, seminars, events are an essential tool to reach your goals. At Responsible Business Events October 30 a long list of international experts in sustainable meetings gives you the How & Why

Many forget that the use of time and money when business people are gathering to solve issues and make planning can still be greatly optimised for better results. When joining up in a sustainable manner, the dots are directly aligning and connecting from the organisational values and the environmental or social goals with the meeting itself.

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The Responsible Business Events Conference takes an in-depth approach to modern meetings looking at better learning for money, better sustainable path to networking, and better use of human resources in external and internal gatherings.

“If you want to future proof your business, focus on sustainability is inevitable. Legislation is constantly sharpened, and the new generations want work for companies that has a clear standpoint and make a difference. This is clear to the majority of companies, but still only very few have a sustainable approach in the way they conduct their events and meetings. If your company is dedicated to CSR already, it’s a massive missed opportunity not to use the possibility to extend your efforts and build your brand when staging an event. You can’t for example ignore that your event is generating loads of waste on the one hand, and have an ambition to be perceived sustainable on the other hand,” says Ulrika Mårtensson, one of the organizers behind the event and owner of the communications consultancy firm Improvement, which has branding through sustainable actions as one of its areas of expertise, and continues:

”As a supplier to meetings and events, you have a unique opportunity to guide your client, show leadership, and stand out by offering sustainable solutions. As an organizer, you have the power to create change by asking for it and designing better events with a distinctive profile, and activate your brand purpose.”

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Much more than just a nice room and good service
The conference takes place in the light of 2017 is the International UN Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development. The Nordic region is in the lead for sustainable business tourism and meetings and the conference is addressing the many tools and initiatives available – in order to promote and inspire.

The three themes “Sustainable Growth”, “New Green” and “Human” are throughout the conference used to zoom in on current key issues for Corporate Meeting Organizers, CSR managers, Procurers and CEO’s to guide in the pursuit for organizing and hosting meetings with a sustainable dimension and outcome.

„Through the nine seminar as well as the Activation Hub you’ll find a broad view on how the hospitality sector, suppliers and advisors are dealing with sustainability to make their own businesses more ressillient yet giving you as customer and guest a new look at how and why sustainable venues are so much more than just a nice room and good service,“ states Ulrika Mårtensson.

Optimizing sustainable event management
Responsible Business Events are organized in a fruitful join venture between CSR LINK and Improvement and in co-operation with Sustainable Brands hosting their yearly northern european conference in Copenhagen 30 Oct – 1 Nov, attracting leading actors within CSR from companies such as IKEA, Dong, Carlsberg and Novo just to mention a few.

The conference is designed for companies who arrange meetings and events and want to optimize them by working with sustainable event management. And all suppliers who deliver sustainable event solutions and venues, or have an ambition to do so. So the content is going to cater for the needs of the corporate meeting planners to CSR executives, well as stakeholders and suppliers concerned within business, travel, and meetings: the tourism industry, event agencies, meeting experts, key opinion leaders, academia as well as NGOs and authorities.

At the conference you can learn about and be inspired by topics such as

• Brand activation by sustainable meetings
• Ecolabelled venues from a strategic perspective
• Sustainable meetings in business perspective
• Managing food waste as a game changer
• Driving change by sustainable benchmarking
• Greening of sustainable meetings with Circular Economy
• Efficient meetings with ISO 20121
• Diversity as gender matters
• How to spot and address trafficking

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