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Robots handles herbs in high-tech Danish greenhouse

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Denmark’s largest producer of herbs and mini-plants Rosborg Danmark has invested in a robot arm from the Danish tech-company Bila Robotics. The robot arm has streamlined the workflow, increased competitiveness and improved working environment.

Robots is not a special sight at Denmark’s largest production site of herbs and mini-plants, Rosborg Danmark. The plant company has automated a large number of work tasks and processes in the production using robot technology.

“If we have to future-proof our company, this is the way we must go. Automation means significantly lower unit costs and greater capacity. This gives the opportunity to take in new customers and thereby maintaining our staff”, says Johnny Albertsen, CEO of Rosborg Danmark.

Since 2015, Rosborg has invested around DKK 55 million in energy-saving measures and new high-tech greenhouses with robots that plant, pick and pack herbs in boxes and stack boxes on pallets. And the extensive investment has, according to Johnny Albertsen, optimized the company’s workflow and work environment significantly:

“There is no longer wasted time constantly driving back and forth with containers, and we are focusing on removing heavy and monotonous work from our staff”, he says.

Optimisation does not replace employees

Even though the robots have streamlined the production by taking over manual work processes, the number of employees is unchanged. The staff has just moved to better work tasks that are less tiring and monotonous, says Johnny Albertsen.

“We can now produce 30% more herbs on the same area than we could before, and this greatly increases turnover and efficiency. That is why the same employees is still needed.”

Source: Fødevarefocus

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