Ten new cleantech start-ups battle their way into our Accelerator

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Our Accelerator Spring Intake Boot Camp came to a happy end on 8 March 2019. Ten start-ups qualified to enter our programme after twenty-five hours of intense training in Malmö. These two inspiring days were concluded with a pitch session and an ever-growing community of change makers!

The Top 10 Nordic cleantech start-ups that entered Stage 1 of our Accelerator:

  • AlgaePro AS utilizes industrial waste-streams to produce sustainable Microalgae biomass for food and feed markets.
  • Ekofolio is a mission-driven fintech company enabling everyone to invest in Forests profitably.
  • Mapple‘s location intelligence software helps cities and real estate companies better understand the area they are planning to develop.

  • Mycorena AB brings circular economy to food and agriculture industries by turning waste into valuable bio-based products using their innovative fungal processes.
  • Nordetect helps farmers and agronomists optimise fertiliser use with biosensors and decision support software.
  • PlasticFri produces a new generation of biodegradable, compostable and plant-based plastic bag without any petroleum or toxic content.
  • Soraytec Scandinavia AS is a high-tech company focused on novel smart metering and intelligent fault detection solutions for the power distribution industry
  • The Apple Girl turns apples into leather.
  • TotalCtrl is a software company that helps the entire value chain reduce food waste.
  • Wavefoil AS reduces the fuel consumption and increases the comfort of ships.

A tough race and a beautifully diverse cohort! Our established panel made the day all the more memorable with their constructive input and reflective questions. Our appreciation goes out to Karin Ebbinghaus from Almi Invest, Johan Söderblom form WWF Sweden, Sara Hamlin from E.ON Sweden, Alexander Moldt-Nielsen from Novozymes, Ross Brooks from Katapult Ocean and Emilie Normann from EIT Climate-KIC for helping us with the selection process. 

It’s been a true pleasure working with all twenty start-ups. Each founder has leaned in fully and gave it his/her best shot, ensuring a tough selection process. Kudos to Compax Solutions AS, Green Process Engineering, Greenstock.noKarbonauttiNoquo Foods ABEnydayPlant TechPurCityReTrade ElectronicsVictor Energy Projects IVS! Keep up the game-changing work you do! We sincerely hope to get future opportunities of working together and will do our best to keep you engaged in our community of change makers.

“It was intense, with many new learnings, and it will probably take me some time to process it all. I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed myself immensely, but the key wins are that I got to study our business idea from different angles, challenge my perception and explore new perspectives, something I truly appreciate! On top of that, we learnt how to further define and work on our value proposition and you showed us what to be aware of, what to include and how to present ourselves during a pitch, not to mention how we should validate the relevant climate impact.”

                                                                        – Anja Leissner, Founder of Noquo Foods AB.

We can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds with our new climate entrepreneurs. Thanks to all for making these two days a success!

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