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The value of using value creation models

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This spring, Enact is helping clients on their way towards Integrated Reporting according to the framework developed by the IIRC.

As training partner of the IIRC, Enact is a firm supporters of this framework, which we believe lead to better, more transparent, and more concise reports.  

One of our clients is Novamedia, the creator and owner of various brands and lottery formats, including the Postcode Lotteries in a growing number of countries. Enact is helping Novamedia’s companies in the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK to develop reports inspired by the IIRC framework. Among other activities, we have been supporting the development of a value creation model. By developing such a model, reporting organisations can explain how they create value for society. In the case of Novamedia’s companies, the model enables them to better convey their unique business model, which is based on the principles of social entrepreneurship.  

Another client we supported this year is the Dutch water company Dunea. Dunea supplies drinking water to 1.3 million people and every year welcomes over a million visitors to the nature reserve it is managing alongside the coastline of the Netherlands. The company sells around 73 billion litres of drinking water each year. Enact organised and facilitated an interactive workshop for Dunea, in which a value creation model was jointly developed by a range of key internal stakeholders, ranging from HR departments to Finance and Procurement departments. Just like Novamedia, Dunea is not an average company. It is a company that is bound to, but also adds value, to nature, its surroundings, society and the people who live, work, play and drink water within its area.  

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