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Danish Dairy Technology Boosts Healthy Food Production in Ethiopia

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In a three-year project by the GAIN Nordic Partnership with Arla Food Ingredients as a leading partner, Denmark’s know-how on dairy production is now benefiting farmers in the developing part of the world. A whey-vitamin mix is added to the local milk resulting in an affordable healthy yoghurt, which benefits children’s development and stimulate the economy.

One of the main issues many developing countries face is the lack of healthy and affordable nutrition – especially for mothers and children. In Ethiopia, roughly 4 in 10 of children suffer from chronic malnutrition that can have a negative effect on their physical and mental  development and immune system. Furthermore, malnutrition causes many countries to remain in a vicious circle of poverty. In Ethiopia, it is estimated that malnutrition results in a loss of 16% of the country’s GDP.

Danish know-how benefiting the local population
As a part of a cooperation project under the GAIN Nordic Partnership, the partners in Denmark and Ethiopia have co-developed an affordable nutritious yoghurt, using local milk and Danish technology.


Food Nation

The partnership supports the whole dairy value chain, helping farmers to produce more and better milk and hereby improve their incomes. It ensures that the dairy processors receive more milk and can produce and sell innovative products which makes milk more accessible for low income families. This cooperation model aims to inspire more dairy  farmers and processors to adapt innovative solutions in the dairy industry. With 11 million dairy cows, there is a large potential for improve Ethiopia’s dairy industry to provide more and better milk, improve nutrition and economic growth. The project thus contributes to the fight against malnutrition and generate more sustainable economic growth which are both a United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

Symbolising Denmark as a dairy nation

The three-year GAIN Nordic Project is a collaboration between Arla Food IngredientsDanChurchAid,  Conferedation of Danish Industry, DSM, Loni Dairy, and it is supported by Karl Pedersen & Hustrus Industrifond and Danida Market Development Partnerships. It  is the latest example of how the Danish heritage as a milk producing nation benefits other parts of the world. Another example is the implementation of DuPont Danisco©’s rennet in Colombia’s cheese production.

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