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How can juniors & seniors design their (work) life around sustainability?

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Why do we only hear about Millennial work-life demands? What about seniors? Get a trend overview and real-life cases of sustainable life design across generations from MakeImpact, Seniors Without Borders and IBM.

Sustainable development is about passing on a better planet to future generations – but what about the current ones? Why do we only hear about Millennial work-life demands when talking about sustainability in the workplace? What about the senior generations who care just as much? And (how) can juniors and seniors build their work lives in support of sustainability throughout their careers and beyond?

Join our Autumn miniconference in The Social Business Club on November 5th in Copenhagen to get practical cases and how-to insights from:

  • The social business expert who provides an overview of key concepts, trends & cases (Tania Ellis, Founder, The Social Business Company)

  • The millennial who quit his prestigious job in the financial sector to build a work life around his passion for sustainability (Varan Pathmanathan, CEO & Founder, MakeImpact; Co-founder, Sustainable Change Makers)

  • The senior who refused to retire and today is an active contributor to sustainable change projects worldwide (Lars Mønsted, Retired Sustainability Specialist; Chairman, Seniors Without Borders)

  • The corporation that designs sustainability programmes to engage both juniors and seniors (Sanne Urbak Rasmussen, Director, CSR & University Relations, IBM Denmark)

Throughout the event we will network and exchange thoughts on how you can design your own (work) life around sustainability; how companies can adjust their workplace efforts to accommodate; and how juniors and seniors can join forces for the greater good.

The miniconference is for you, if you want:

  • Insights into sustainable work life trends across generations
  • Ideas for how to build sustainability into employee engagement
  • Inspiration for how to design your own work life
  • Hands-on advice from real-life practitioners 
  • To network with other like-minded professionals

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The Social Business Club is an inspirational network forum for professionals from around the world with an interest in innovative and sustainable business practices that create value for society and the bottom line – from CSR and social entrepreneurship to social innovation and shared value. Basic membership is free and gives you access to our online network of more than 2,700 like-minded members from all over the world. The Social Business Club is powered by TANIA ELLIS - The Social Business Company.

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TANIA ELLIS – The Social Business Company


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