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Life Cycle GHG Emission Study on the Use of LNG as Marine Fuel

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Landmark Well-to-Wake study conducted by thinkstep provides definitive figures for GHG emissions and shows LNG as major contributor in meeting IMO’s 2050 GHG targets for shipping.

The study report launched today has revealed that Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions of up to 21% are achievable now from LNG as a marine fuel, compared with current oil-based marine fuels over the entire life-cycle from Well-to-Wake (WtW). It also shows that emissions of other local pollutants, such as sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), are significantly reduced when using LNG compared with current conventional oil-based marine fuels.

The study is comprehensive using the latest primary data to assess all major types of marine engines and global sources of supply.  Data for the study was provided by the following Original Equipment Manufacturers: Catapiller MaK, Caterpillar Solar Turbines, GE, MAN Energy Solutions, Rolls Royce (MTU), Winterthur Gas & Diesel, Wärtsilä.  The extensive industry experience and practical knowledge of the SEA\LNG-SGMF project oversight team ensured all the data used was the latest and best available.

Dr. Oliver Schuller, Team Lead Energy & Mobility at thinkstep stated: “The main goal of this study was to provide an accurate report of the life-cycle GHG emissions from LNG as a marine fuel compared with conventional marine fuels.”

>> Click here to access the full Well-to-Wake GHG Emissions Lifecycle Study

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