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Mazhapolima on Denmark award shortlist

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Simple technique utilises rooftop rainwater for replenishing water table

Mazhapolima, the rooftop rainwater harvesting method for replenishing water table, has reached the final of the Denmark-based Water, Air, Food Award (WAFA), 2018.

The simple and economical technique, which recharges aquifers, is among the 10 entries shortlisted from 161. WAFA recognises and promotes sustainable solutions that ensure safe drinking water, clean air and food for all.

The winner will be selected though online voting. One has to open website wafaward.org/polling/ for voting. Register with WAFA Awards and login with your e-mail account for voting.

One vote can be registered from one ID. July 31 is the last date for voting, according to Jos Raphael, secretary, Mazhapolima.

Promoted by the Thrissur district administration and local self government institutions, Mazhapolima ensures that no monsoon shower will get wasted.

With a simple technology of capturing rainwater from the roof and directing it to the well through a simple filter, you can ensure water security across the year.

“This not only ensures water security, but also improves quality. Households whose wells go dry in summer and which have hard water with high iron, copper and salt content can use this method,” Mr. Raphael said.

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