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Packaging Under Siege

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Know what it means to produce sustainable packaging? Before rushing into things, get your facts straight with this article. Find out why fact-based decisions are key to true sustainability in packaging.

Packaging is everywhere. It’s fundamental to a consumer lifestyle, so it’s hard to imagine life without it. It serves to contain, protect, preserve and market products.  It enables products to arrive from any part of the planet and reach your table.

It sustains the quality of products over prolonged periods of time without losing quality, thus reducing losses. Nevertheless, packaging, particularly plastic packaging, has developed a bad reputation when it comes to its environmental impact.

The media floods us with images of once beautiful beaches, now resembling landfills, and vulnerable ocean animals dying after swallowing plastic packaging. Our immense consumption of packaging also depletes  non-renewable resources. This is an unsustainable state of affairs. 

Read full article: https://www.thinkstep.com/de/node/4782

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