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Scaling sustainable business through partnering

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An innovative approach to partnering to meet the need for fast global scaling of sustainable business towards a zero-carbon world.

Global value chain partnering on the sustainability agenda
The course addresses the question of how to rapidly scale sustainable business. Participants will be updated on the newest approaches to strategic partnering as a tool for business development and scaling in global value chains.

Focus is on developing, organizing, governing, and managing complex strategic partnerships within and across organizational and national borders and is targeted at individuals and businesses involved in driving the business developments towards a zero-carbon world.

Course content
We build on classical international management and economics theories and tools combined with innovative new developments in global value chain governance research and practice.

The course will present theories of partnering, global value chains, strategic networks, governance, and international strategy in the context of scaling sustainable business.

The course will feature a combination of theoretical models and practical cases and the course participants will have the opportunity to apply the course material directly to their own business case and get feed-back from the teachers and the group.

The course develops a strategic partnering approach to business development with focus on scaling sustainable business across vertical and horizontal value chain activities.

Key benefits
After completion of the course, you have obtained:

  • Overview of theories of strategic partnerships, global value chains, and international strategic management;
  • In depth understanding of global value chain partnering and how such collaboration can help scale sustainable business of relevance for a zero-carbon world;
  • Case studies will be presented and analysed based on the theories presented in the course;
  • Course participants can bring their own company as a case to be analysed and discussed in the course;
  • Practical frameworks and tools to help identify, organize, and manage strategic partnerships for scaling sustainable business.

Learning in the course is based on active engagement with the instructors and other participants. The course is designed around theory-in-practice. Insights from best (and worst) case examples and executives from industry-leading companies allow participants to use own company as case for developing applicable frameworks and tools in pursuit of better strategies for scalable sustainable business.

All course material and teaching is in English.

Download the full course description (pdf) here.

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