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Case: [Sustainable disruption] Blockchain in the supply chain

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Hackathons, co-creative Panda Labs, and building blockchain-based impact ventures are just some of WWFs disruptive tech solutions for fighting human rights abuses and negative human impact on the environment.

Imagine if you could go into a supermarket and trace back the origin of the fish, meat or any other product you want to buy? What if you could see exactly how your product was produced, by whom, and how it made its way through the supply chain until it ended up in your shopping basket? And all this from using nothing more than your smartphone to scan the product’s QR code?

Well, this reality is not so far away.

Traceability & sustainable supply chains version 2.0

In its efforts to ensure transparency and traceability in supply chains, the world's largest conservation organization, WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature), has found a new weapon in its fight for protecting people and nature: technology.

With the use of blockchain technologies, for example, WWF has found a new way of providing both businesses and consumers with a tool that enables them to track and trace items throughout the supply chain from source to table.

Disruptive joint ventures for protecting people & planet

What started as a pilot blockchain-based project, has since turned into an open platform solution, Open SC.com, as a result of a joint venture with BCG Digital Ventures, a corporate investment and incubation firm founded by the global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group.

This alliance means that the revolutionary OpenSC platform is now available to all businesses that are looking to demonstrate that their products are produced in environmentally-friendly or ethical ways.

It also means that WWF has taken one step closer to fulfilling its mission of stopping the degradation of the planet's natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Tech for good

But WWFs tech adventure doesn’t stop here. Hackathons, co-creative Panda Labs, and other blockchain-based ventures are also a part of WWFs disruptive tech arsenal.

We are in a situation where business-as-usual approaches are simply not scaling fast enough for WWF to reach our global goals. We need new approaches to solve these BIG problems we are facing and we see a great potential for positive disruption in emerging technology and new business models – particularly in combination with WWF’s expertise and “privileged assets”  such as our access to markets, our brand, members, credentials. Emerging technology is becoming central for us in our fight against environmental degradation of habitats and species and social equity,” explains Tobias Trier Fuglsang, Advisor Innovation and Market Transformation, WWF.

Get more “how-to” insights from WWF 10th May in Copenhagen

Want to learn more about WWFs disruptive techvelopment ventures?

Then come and join the miniconference “Sustainability & Tech”  on May 10th, where Tobias Trier Fuglsang, Advisor Innovation and Market Transformation at WWF, will present tech solutions as well as practical insights into how WWF engages with a wide range of alliance partners.

The event will also give you practical insights & concrete inspiration from:

Throughout the programme we will discuss, network and exchange experience and thoughts on how you can accelerate your own sustainability efforts through the use of technology.

The miniconference Sustainability &Tech

More about WWF

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