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thinkstep AG Wins Bid to Support Companies During PEF Transition Phase

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thinkstep has won the bid to guide companies through the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Transition Phase.

Echterdingen, Germany, May 16, 2018: Companies seeking guidance and support during the upcoming PEF Transition Phase can now look to thinkstep for assistance. In the bidding process, the European Commission’s DG Environment awarded the contract to our consortium, coordinated by thinkstep, and including maki Consulting GmbH, SGS Holding Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG and thinkstep. The consortium will act as “Support Project for PEF Transition” in the creation of PEF, an EU life cycle assessment declaration and labelling framework currently in development by the European Commission. The Transition Phase is the phase designed to monitor the use of current Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) and to create new PEFCRs prior to EU regulation and implementation.

The experience and knowledge obtained during the Pilot Phase will now be evaluated and consolidated into methods for practical application. Part of the reason thinkstep was successful in its bid was because its databases were already in conformity with PEF indicators and it has extensive PEF and LCA experience.

  • Apparel & footwear
  • Beverages
  • Chemistry based final products
  • Construction products
  • Electrical & electronics
  • Food products (including products not for human consumption)
  • Materials and intermediate products
  • (not yet assigned)

In addition, the development of new PEFCRs is open to any sector and industry group. PEFCRs can be created using the procedures outlined in the PEF Guide and the EC will directly support eight of those.

Companies producing products can now get a head start to find out how well their products conform to PEF standards, regardless whether existing PEFCRs from the clusters above are applicable or whether new PEFCRs have to be developed.

There are two ways to do a PEF. One is by following the PEF procedure as officially listed by the European Commission’s Technical Secretariat (TS) and using the datasets developed during the PEF Pilot Phase. The alternative is to conduct a shadow study using the datasets developed by thinkstep during the PEF Pilot Phase.

Creating a PEF helps businesses understand the environmental impact of their products.

Manufacturers and other businesses wishing to calculate their PEF can now reach out to thinkstep’s pool of PEF experts to gain insight into how to implement PEF with their products or services.

If enacted into law, PEF will help consumers assess the environmental impact of the products and services they buy through regulations governing public declarations and product labelling schemes.

thinkstep AG helps businesses become more environmentally friendly by offering professional services, providing access to quality industry data and delivering easy-to-use product and organizational software.

For more information about PEF contact:

Dr. Constantin Herrmann
Phone: +49 711 341817-0

>> See PEF Pilot Phase Infographic

>> See PEF Transition Phase Infographic

Find out more about PEF and contact an expert at thinkstep

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