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WAFA’s Tina Lindgreen at Seeds&Chips Summit 2016

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For this year's Seed&Chips Summit in Milan, Italy, WAFA's Tina Lindgreen will be keynote speaker. She will be announcing the call for applications for WAFA's 2016 Awards.

There’s more exciting news at WAFA!  Tina Lindgreen is honoured to be invited as keynote guest speaker at the Seeds&Chips-2016 summit (11-14 May) at Milan, Italy, on Saturday, 14 May 2016. The summit will host hundreds of exhibiters and guest speakers from across Europe and the US. The discussions will cover all aspects of food from the time it goes into the ground until it is put on the plate. Some of the topics will include climate change, environmental factors, lack of available resource, growing, processing, distribution, innovative new strategies, and many more ideas and conversations will be presented.

WAFA’s founder Tina Lindgreen along with Paul Vincent, co-founder and CEO of EnSo, and Ayrton Cable, founder and ambassador of WAF Youth Awards, will be introducing the opening of WAFA’s “call for applications” for the 2016 WAF Awards and the WAF Youth Awards along with discussions involving audience participation. All Seeds&Chips participants and attendees will be encouraged to nominate or to apply for the water, air and food categories of the 2016 WAF Awards as long as their initiative has been active for two years and they satisfy the selection criteria.

Also joining the workshop is Mr. Rhamis Kent representing WAFA’s 2010 winner Permaculture Research Institute with a presentation on the opportunity of restoring two billion hectares of man-made desert into agricultural lands, forests and savannahs.

We have more exciting news to come — Stay tuned. . . .

By Diane Walters

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