Klima, miljø og energi

Applying an ESG Lens to Crypto

Cryptocurrencies continue to attract investors against the odds. How can businesses approach these opportunities in a way that maximizes their potential for empowerment and inclusivity, while guarding against significant environmental and social concerns?

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Strategi & ledelse

Nine Ways to Activate Your Board on Climate

Recent years have seen an astonishing uptake of ambitious corporate climate goals. And recent weeks have seen an even more dramatic rise in activist action to boards and leadership on the very climate goals set by organizations.

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Klima, miljø og energi

Decoding Nature’s Soundscapes

Using new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analysis, scientists are getting closer to understanding how organisms and ecosystems use sound, or “bioacoustics,” to communicate.

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Fashion Industry’s Four Largest Women’s Empowerment Programs Form New Initiative RISE to Scale Impact

BSR’s HERproject, Gap Inc., P.A.C.E, CARE, and Better Work have come together to form a new initiative called RISE: Reimagining Industry to Support Equality in order to scale impact and accelerate equality for women workers.

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