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Nilfisk improves its Business Sustainability Rating being awarded an EcoVadis Silver Score

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Nilfisk is being recognized for its continued progress on corporate social sustainability (CSR) receiving an EcoVadis 2021 Silver rating. This recent sustainability assessment is a significant improvement from last year and is mainly driven by environmental efforts.

Nilfisk is dedicated to improving its sustainability efforts throughout its value chain and the upgrade to the EcoVadis Silver rating is a significant step forward. The new ranking is in the 91st percentile across all industries, meaning that Nilfisk’s score is higher than or equal to the score of 91 percent of all companies rated by EcoVadis.

“I am proud of our upgrade in the EcoVadis rating and being among the top range of companies assessed,” says Camilla Ramby, CMO of Nilfisk.

According to Ramby, the EcoVadis rating is important to Nilfisk to drive further progress and to provide transparency to its customers and business partners:

“We use this trusted and recognized sustainability rating to focus our efforts and to drive action plans. Nilfisk is present in more than 40 countries worldwide and our solutions are being used in over 100 countries, so it is complex to drive progress, and therefore yet even more satisfactory when we see the results. It demonstrates that we are on the right path.”

The annual EcoVadis rating comprises 21 indicators across four main themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. The 2021 Nilfisk score upgrade is mainly driven by the company’s environmental actions including its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to the Science Based Target initiative.

Rising customer demand for ESG ratings
The EcoVadis Silver rating is important to Nilfisk’s customers and other external stakeholders, driven by increased awareness and demand for documented sustainability progress.

Steen Lindbo, Nilfisk Executive Vice President and Head of Sales, says:

“We see a rising demand from our customers to provide elaborative insights into our ESG performance and how we demonstrate our awareness for sustainability. ESG ratings, and EcoVadis in particular, have become key indicators when customers assess future partnerships and suppliers. I am confident that the EcoVadis Silver rating will further strengthen Nilfisk’s position in our markets.”

Nilfisk will release its 2021 CSR Report on February 25, 2022, which will provide more information on the company’s CSR strategy and commitments.

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