05.04.2018  |  Kommunikation

CSR-rapport: NORDEN publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility report 2017

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

The CSR report presents an overview of NORDEN’s CSR Direction, performance and achievements during 2017.

The CSR Direction combines core business competencies and CSR strongholds, and focus on contributing to smarter global trade by linking economic and social progress:

“With our CSR Direction 2016-18 as foundation we initiated new projects and strengthened our efforts to identify where the linkages between social and economic progress in global trade hold potential to increase the value for NORDEN’s customers, for society and for NORDEN’s long-term competitiveness,” says CEO Jan Rindbo.

The CSR Report 2017 covers the focus areas of the strategy;

  • Reliability
  • Assistance,
  • And Anti-corruption

as well as other relevant social, environmental and governance issues, and most notably performance within;

  • Vessel Safety and Security
  • Climate and Environmental Management
  • Responsible Supply Chain Management
  • People
  • Human Rights

The CSR report serves as NORDEN’s annual Communication on Progress (COP) to the United Nations’ CSR initiative - UN Global Compact - and has been provided assurance on the CSR performance data.

Click to open and download the CSR report 2017 here

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