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Opening up new markets and achieving corporate objectives with LCA

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On the way to greater sustainability with LCA

“Everyone talks about the end-to-end integration of sustainability. But this can be achieved only if sustainability is also embedded in the product. Life cycle assessment with GaBi software is our way of measuring this.” –Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director, EMEAI InterfaceFLOR

Interface—the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of environmentally responsible modular carpet—uses GaBi life cycle assessment software to understand its products’ environmental footprints, improve its performance, innovate with its products, reduce its risks and succeed in the marketplace.

Interface: market development

  • TacTiles® are an innovative, sustainable product that instantly opened up a new market – more than 40 million square meters of TacTiles® have been installed since 2006.
  • Microtuft™ is a new product developed to meet the same quality criteria as its predecessor, but which uses around 50% less yarn. With 13.2% of all European sales, Microtuft™ is one of Interface’s fastest-growing product lines.

Interface: cost development

  • Energy use during production has been cut by 40%, and yarn use per unit is down by 12% (in both cases, since 1996).
  • 43% of the raw materials used have been replaced by biodegradable or even recycled alternatives.
  • All these measures have delivered a total annual cost savings of €7.6m since 1996 (source: lavery/pennel; New Industrial Model Report).


… enables product innovation: Deploying GaBi life cycle assessment (LCA) software enabled Interface to develop the new product TacTiles®. The development of Microtuft™ was derived, verified and reviewed largely on the basis of analyses from the life cycle assessment.

… minimizes risks: The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in carpet adhesives can trigger symptoms in people in the production chain as well as for people living in residential housing, for example. Thanks to GaBi, it was possible to develop alternatives.

...helps achieving transparency and credibility: In cooperation with suppliers and customers, Interface has achieved considerable gains in transparency and credibility by voluntarily preparing EPDs for more than 90% of its products.

… delivers cost savings: Reusing reprocessed nylon for the carpet fibers not only optimizes Interface’s carbon footprint, it has also yielded relevant cost savings in this area, savings that Interface has passed on to its suppliers and end customers (Basis: GaBi carbon footprint).

Read full Case Study: https://thinkstep.com/content/case-study-interface-0

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