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CSR-rapport: Siteimprove CSR Report 2016-2017

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Since 2010, Siteimprove has been a member of the UN Global Compact. Learn more about our work with digital accessibility and read about our initiatives within Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption in our latest CSR Report.

Letter from the CEO

The past year has been a busy one for Siteimprove, both in regards to our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and our company as a whole. Again we witnessed unprecedented growth, having increased our employee numbers from 185 in May 2015 to over 440 in May 2017.

Along with our continued growth, we have taken a more focused approach to our CSR efforts by implementing more formal processes, expanding our efforts globally, and taking on more responsibility as a global advocate for an inclusive World Wide Web.

One way in which we continued to work hard to raise awareness about digital accessibility, and assist us in our goal of promoting a web that is accessible for all, was by hosting our largest accessibility event to date. On May 18th we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) in Copenhagen with a huge not-for-profit outdoor event where a number of great guest speakers and experts donated their time to come along and educate and inspire the audience. It was a fantastic day and helped gain much needed awareness of digital accessibility. Members of the public, Siteimprove employees from around the world and web professionals heard from great minds such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and Jennison Asuncion, Co-founder of GAAD.

Becoming a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), hosting the Global Accessibility Awareness Day event, and hiring the best experts in the field are all just small ways in which we continue to work towards our mission. At the same time, we have re-evaluated our CSR mission and goals, and have established local CSR committees in each of our offices, as well as implementing a global CSR Code of Conduct to ensure that we are working consistently as a company towards one goal. Quality over quantity will be the buzz words for the future, as we work together to be more strategic in our undertakings.

With many new people joining the company, it is with great happiness that we continue to witness a consistently high level of satisfaction among our employees. Once again, we were recognized as a great place to work in multiple locations. The Great Place to Work ® survey named us in the top 10 best IT companies to work for in Denmark, and we even managed to move from number eight to number seven. In the U.S., we were named one Siteimprove Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017 of the Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces in Minneapolis for the second year running.

I hope that you enjoy reading our latest CSR report, and that it may inspire you to join us in our mission of making the web better for all.

Morten Ersbøll Ebbesen,
Chief Executive Officer

Access Siteimprove's CSR Report for 2016-2017 below

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