17.04.2020  |  Strategi & ledelse

Sign up for our webinar - again: Keeping sustainability on your company's agenda post corona

The first attempt at this webinar withered and died from technical malfunction. A new date and time has been set. You can still get insights and inputs from four high-level experts on how to secure sustainability's place on your company's agenda in the coming months and years.


At CSR.dk, we worry that corporate sustainability is going to loose momentum in the economic clean-up after the measures put in place to mitigate the effects of the corona virus. 

Annonce: (Artiklen fortsætter efter annoncen)

We also propose that makring the sustainability agenda business relevant - even business critical - inside each and every company, is the only way to survive the cuts and narrowing of focus we are bound to see.

It is easier said than done. How do you make that happen? 

That is the subject of CSR.dk's first ever webinar, which we will host on the 22nd of April at 16.30. 

Click on the link below to send an email to sign up for the webinar.

We have invited a strong group of practitioners and strategists to talk about how to understand your business and what drives it, and aiming your "weapons " at these drivers to get your agenda prioritised and included in top level decision making.

They are: 

  • Annemarie Meisling - who heads up Chr. Hansen's strategic sustainability work - which resulted in the company being named the world's most sustainable company in 2019
  • Claus Stig Pedersen - who has been instrumental in integrating sustainability and SDGs in Novozymes' strategy
  • John Kornerup Bang - who is Maersk's top climate change advisor and key to the development of the company's sustainability strategy 
  • Nigel Salter - who is sustainabilty strategy designer and advisor to some of Denmark's and the world's largest companies, operating from Brodie Partners in the UK. 

Click here to sign up for the webinar. 

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