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Want to explore how to underline the identity of an innovative startup company by using a carpet design that challenges the interior design seen in most other companies? Experience how bright colors support the energetic atmosphere that produces the foundation of creative and customised solutions for mobile phones. Let us view further.

Celltick – a company driven by innovation
The company Celltick develops dynamic interfaces to create custom user experiences for mobile phones. The interior design for this creative startup perfectly supports the dynamic and innovative environment required for the employees to deliver groundbreaking solutions.

The nature of the work is collaborative and strengthened by the open seating spaces. In addition, to allow flexibility in the teamwork, IT systems are arranged so that they allow employees to move easily between different work environments and arrange different work groups depending on each project.

Colourful carpets support the creativity
An important part of Celltick’s work is associated with the design team and the mobile phones’ screen design in which the visual and creative part is dominant. Michal Rosen, Interior Designer and Expert in branding application for workspaces, explains: “To highlight the vision that characterises the creative work and the startup environment in general, a colourful carpet is used. The carpets are intended to work as a background for the overall design and does furthermore have the purpose to underline the company’s vibrant logo.”

The cubic shapes on the carpet work as a fascinating backdrop to the furniture, which is in neutral white hue, and they perfectly complement each other. Magnetic game boards designed at Studio Michal Resen also contribute to the joyful nature of the offices and are intended to replace the traditional arrow game and billiard tables that require lots of space.

A sense of fun at the office
Office flooring is designed so that passages are tiled with laminated parquet flooring and work areas are covered with carpet. Such division creates “boulevards” along the working areas. Michal Rosen elaborates: “The project emphasises the central role of carpets in relation to the office look and feel. If well planned carpets can dramatically contribute to visibility and branding of the office workspace. Their bright colors also contribute to the atmosphere and add a sense of fun to the office”.

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