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Captivate people with responsible events

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

The largest event agency in the Nordics, JCP Nordic, has decided to add value to their clients by strategically advising them on how to activate their sustainability and CSR efforts when staging business events.

JCP Nordic has been a major provider of event solutions for almost two decades working with clients like SAP, ATEA, Danske Bank, MobilePay, PEPSICO, Mars, Arla, Dansk Supermarked, Børneulykkesfonden to captivate people through events.

As part of the way JCP Nordic conduct their business, they work strategically with sustainability and CSR e.g. by donating large amounts to charity, applying eco-certifications and implementing carbon offset programs. In conjunction with JCP Nordic’s engagement in the first Responsible Business Events conference – staged in Copenhagen, Denmark October 30th - JCP Nordic announced that they are taking another important step: To take on the challenge to utilize their internal experience with sustainability and extend it to the way they advise their clients. Jesper Priisholm, CEO of JCP Denmark, explains:

“As the largest event agency in the Nordics, we have the opportunity to be so much more than simply organizers of buses, boats, ballrooms and badges. JCP’s mission is to captivate people in everything we do by creating events and meetings as an inspiring, shared experience. Increasingly, event participants - especially millennials - expect this. Therefore, we have chosen to explore and think Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability into the way we conduct business, and now also in the way we advise our clients.”

Sustainable guidance of clients
According to JCP Nordic, companies need to take responsibility for our globe and see sustainability as a necessary and positive challenge which is here to stay. They stress that it’s generally known that a strategic CSR policy helps improve the public opinion of companies and that those companies generally have healthier cultures along with increased employee morale and retention. Jesper Priisholm says:

“Being able to guide our clients in the right direction also in terms of sustainable event solutions creates a lot of positive spirit and engagement internally. And we expect that it will give us huge benefits in the relationship, we have with our clients. Clients and consumers are increasingly aware of what their favorite companies are doing to give back, and studies show that clients and consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from socially responsible companies. So, if you, as a company embrace sustainability as a core element in your business, including every event you do, I strongly believe there is a huge amount of benefits to be gained.”

JCP Nordic used the Responsible Business Events conference as a platform to interact and gather knowledge from over 100 clients and champions within sustainable events solutions like MCI Sustainability Group, Events Industry Council and Kuoni Destination Management.

“To us, one of the most important takeaways from the Responsible Business Events conference was to see that clients do wish to move towards a more CSR oriented business strategy. This means that we, in JCP Nordic, have chosen the right path when deciding to guide clients in the right direction and be responsible internally as well as externally,” Jesper Priisholm concludes.

JCP Nordic has just agreed to partner up with the organizers of The Responsible Business Event conference 2018.


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