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PIVØ financing for new projects

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

access2innovation is happy to announce a new batch of Danish companies that will be gaining support from the PIVØ-programme.

The funding programme is supported by the EU regional fund and supports partnerships that develop new innovative solutions for  emerging markets in Africa.

The following initiatives will be receiving support:

Modular cooling system

Lead company: Tech-Solutions
Associated companies: Multi-Byg, Buus Køleservice
Research institution: Aalborg University
In many agricultural value chains in Africa it is estimated that up to 40-60 % of primary production is lost, or much of their value is lost due to quality degradation, among other things due to lack of cooling. Based on this, the project will develop modular refrigeration / cooling units partially powered by renewable energy.


Lead company: SolarSack
Associated companies: Huse Design, Probeco
Research institution: Københavns University
SolarSack is a simple water purification system that provides safe water by using only the sun through UV penetration. The project will focus on improving different aspects of the technology and enhance ease-of-use for the customers.  


Lead company: SoilFarm
Associated companies: Senti, Juul International R&D, Eupry
Research institution: Aarhus University
SoilSense is a decision support system for irrigation, that helps farmers take better decisions on when and where to water based on actual field conditions. Academic studies and practical results show that by irrigating according to soil moisture sensors up to 50 % water can be saved, and yield increased by another 30 %.

Smart Street Lighting

Lead company: PP Power
Associated companies: Ideaal, Cre8tek
Research institution: Aalborg University
Lack of lighting in public areas in developing countries causes a number of problems, including significant uncertainties in moving after dark. The partners in the project will therefore develop a street lamp that is autonomous, maintenance-free and inexpensive.

Off-grid solar-powered school kitchens for East Africa 

Lead company: Pesitho Holding
Associated companies: Ennogie, Bering Consult
Research institution: Aarhus University
NGO: Caritas Denmark
In large parts of East Africa, food in schools is cooked over fire, and the schools spend a lot of money each month on buying wood. For solving this problem, Pesitho has developed a solar-powered micro kitchen (ECOCA) designed for families in refugee camps. Through this project the micro kitchen will be developed to fit needs in schools.

Protein refinement of cassava

Lead company: YooNoon
Associated companies: Aalestrup Elektro, BiomassProtein,
Research institution: Aalborg University, Aarhus University
YooNoon predicts a huge and untapped potential in extracting plant protein from discarded cassava leaves and stems from the production of fresh cassava roots and starch for both livestock and human consumption.

Read more about the PIVØ-programme.

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