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CSR-rapport: Progress toward a world without cigarettes

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About this report

In line with our commitment to transparency and disclosure, we are pleased to share our first integrated report, our fifth Sustainability Disclosure, which follows our last sustainability report published in May 2019. Its contents are shaped by a formal materiality assessment, refreshed in 2019, which takes into account stakeholder perspectives as well as our impacts on sustainable development.

Our sustainability topics are structured around four strategic pillars of action and two tiers, which form the basis of our reporting (see page 25).

For each tier 1 topic, this report provides information on context, relevance, topic connectivity, management approach, targets, and performance. Additional detail is provided in case studies to allow closer analysis of how we integrate sustainability at country level. We report on our tier 2 topics in an online supplement to this report on PMI.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, the scope of the data in this report embraces our operations worldwide for the full calendar year 2019 or reflect status at December 31, 2019. Where not specified, data come from PMI estimates. The external verification statement of our environmental and health and safety data can be found on PMI.com.

This report was reviewed by PMI’s Board of Directors and by members of PMI’s Company Management, including our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and President, External Affairs and General Counsel.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. Our GRI Index can be found on our corporate website. In addition, we sought to align our reporting with the International Integrated Reporting Framework and to indicate our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We also align our reporting with the principles and standards of the UN Global Compact and take into account those of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. Furthermore, our reporting addresses some aspects of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), while our reporting to CDP covers some of the remainder. We will continue to develop our climate change reporting to reflect the TCFD’s guidance.

We make available on our corporate website a highlights summary of this report. Previous reports are available in the Sustainability Resources area of the site. We report on sustainability annually and always welcome your feedback. For comments or questions, please contact Esther Bares or Marie Corger at sustainability@pmi.com

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