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Follow Global ESG news coverage for controversial investments

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Xklude.com - an ESG controversial issue SEARCH tool - added a new feature: You can now follow the global media ESG coverage of each of the 2162 controversial companies in the database. (DOWNLOAD CONTROVERSIAL REPORT)

Xklude.com - an ESG controverial tool and ranking - now offers a new unique news feature. It is now possible for Premium Subscribers to follow the global media ESG coverage of each of the 2162 controversial companies in the database. 

Besides information about connected controversial issues and who invested in the companies, subscribers can furthermore explore how companies are exposed to media coverage in relation to ESG and controversial issues.  

The news feature shows both the VOLUME (as a percent of all media coverage) and the "TONE" (from extremely negative to extremely positive) in the global media coverage over the last two years.

In addition, up to 75 articles from the past 12 month are displayed, including link, which match unique search criteria related to ESG terms set for each of the individual listed companies.

The news feature offers you to: 

  • Follow media ESG exposure (VOLUME) for each company
  • Follow the media ESG "TONE" (positive or negative) 
  • Find relevant ESG news article about each company

Casestory: Bank of America

Download Controversial Report on Bank of America (PDF of web) to see the news feature.  

Contact for free online presentation og Xklude.com please contact Joachim Kattrup, (45) 60216085 or at jka(a)ugebrev.dk. 

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