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New online certificate programme for sustainable business change management

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

After having certified more than 100 professionals in Scandinavia, we are now launching an international online version of our recognized Sustainable Business Change Manager certificate programme. The first cohort starts January 28th.

Putting CSR and sustainability into the heart of business is not an easy task.

It requires strategic savvy, building a convincing business case and creating a strong link between a company's business and sustainability efforts. 

Turning strategic business intentions into tangible daily actions, is an even more challenging task. This requires change management skills.  

This is the very reason why the Sustainable Business Change Manager programme was launched six years ago with the aim of serving and supporting Scandinavian professionals with knowledge and tools for putting sustainability into the heart of both business and organisation. 

Learnings from both practice & pandemic

Over the past six years, more than 100+ professionals from a wide range of industries and companies like LEGO, Ørsted, Actona Group, FERM Living, Velliv and more have been trained and certified,

This has given a solid training experience, and the programme has over the years gained recognition in the practitioner field. 

At the same time, there has been an increase in requests for a digital version, which could serve also English-speaking professionals both within and outside of Scandinavia. 

- "Due to the global pandemic, we have for the past two years been forced to run our Scandinavian certificate programme in a hybrid version in order to serve those, who had to attend from at home. This was a great learning opportunity, and we realized that online training actually works really well if provided with a combination of self-study and live interactive online sessions," explains Tania Ellis who is founder of The Social Business Company, which runs the programme as a part of its Social Business Academy. 

Programme starts January 28th

After having certified more than 100 professionals in Scandinavia, we are now launching an international online version of the practical Sustainable Business Change Manager certificate programme.

- "We're so excited about this launch, as this enables us to serve not only the Scandinavian but also the international business community of professionals who want to upgrade their skills as well as their sustainable business efforts," says Tania Ellis, who is also lead trainer and facilitator throughout the programme.

The first cohort of the online programme starts January 28th, and runs from January till June 2022.

Learn more at www.sustainablebusinesschangemanager.com 

Join a Q&A webinar to learn more: bit.ly/qa-webinar-sbcm-online

Sustainable Business Change Manager Online is a practical certificate programme for managers, specialists and consultants who want knowledge and tools that link business with sustainability and change management. 

The programme is provided by TANIA ELLIS - The Social Business Company®, a leading Scandinavian-based speaking, consulting and training company. The programme is supported by B Corp Movement in the Nordics and endorsed by Henley Business School Denmark.

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