03.08.2017  |  Kommunikation

Webinar recordings: Supplier engagement, support and motivation: Quantifiable bottom line benefits

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Knowing how to engage and develop your suppliers isn’t easy, but is however increasingly vital. Engaging suppliers in sustainability is key to reduce costs, drive efficiencies and minimise risk to ensure business impact, reputation and competitiveness.

We brought together 3 senior leaders in this space to share their experiences and strategies, and to help you in measuring the bottom line benefits to prove the business case. Hear from:

  • Deutsche Telekom, Melanie Kubin-Hardewig, Vice President Group Sustainability
  • ABB, Kanishk Negi Global Supply Chain Sustainability Manager
  • EcoVadis, Boris Abramovic, Supplier Engagement

This webinar covers:

  • Change suppliers and internal teams mindsets by proving the sustainability business case: Provide value and rewards to ensure high suppliers and inter-departmental adoption
  • Achieve supplier's adherence to sustainability standards: Safeguard global competitiveness, minimise risks and create long-term business relationships
  • Lessons Learnt: Hear from senior experts on open-honest ideas that worked and didn't
  • What does the ‘best in class' supplier engagement approach look like?

Download your complimentary webinar recordings here 

Enjoy the recordings.

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